About Us


DECOR VIBES LTD was born out of the struggle to find beautiful, yet affordable pieces for both our family home and restaurant business. 

We are a small team based in Witham. Established for 12 years now, we are a family business with a passion to provide our customers with an ever-changing combination of stylish, traditional and contemporary designs. Our style is global, glamorous and smacking of individuality!

Our style is always evolving, encompassing new trends and materials – we travel near and far when sourcing new suppliers, enabling us to supply an eclectic collection of vintage and modern furniture & accessories for both home and garden.

We would say that our main aim is to offer our customers a unique style which is both quirky and interesting ...allowing a house to be made into a home that you will fall in love with!

We are keen to provide something for everyone and move away from the mainstream designs. However, we will always source something in particular if you can’t find what you are looking for!

Our collections inspire both professional and amateur designers alike - over the years we have worked with many hotels, large and boutique stores as well as a long list of interior designers so please do contact us if your enquiry is of a trade nature – we will always accommodate with good discounted pricing.

We hope you’ll enjoy shopping with us!